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We've adopted out some pets! 👏

I went in to update the shelter pets page today and noticed that SIX (6) dogs that we photographed have been adopted since we went to the shelter on Monday (it's Friday!), including my personal favorite right now, Melvin (love that guy!), Rescue (the little pudgy pig—so happy for him!), Mishka (the super-fast girl who loves to run), Turbo (old boy!), Mad Mimi (so fun!), and Blossom (who's sibling, Bubbles, was adopted just in the last few weeks, too!). So, so, so great!

I'm a little bummed about Melvin, as I've thought A LOT about adopting him, but I'm happy he found a home.

I hope they all found homes they deserve, because they're all such amazing pets!

We hope to see you around sometime, gang. Good luck out there.
Good luck out there! — Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson
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