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Cleo—Adopted 👏

It's easy to pass poor Cleo by (we hate to admit, we'd been doing it, too)—she looks so pitiful in the kennel. We took her out to the play area, and she was one of our top picks of the day! She was so engaged and had such a good demeanor. She's excellent at fetch and loves to play, and she even knows quite a few commands, like sit, stay, down. We heard rumblings that she wasn't potty-trained, which is why she was relinquished, but that wasn't our experience with her, as she waited until we were just outside the shelter to potty (so if she wasn't potty-trained, she's quickly learning!). We loved Miss Cleo and hope she gets a wonderful home.
Note: Shelter pets posted to our site may no longer be available for adoption. Please check with the Humane Society of Hobart to confirm their availability.
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