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We've adopted out even more pets! 👏

The best news of the week is that Jimmy and Goldfish Crackers got adopted ... TOGETHER! Sounds like Goldfish is being Goldfish (a little maniac), and so the new parents have their hands full, but we sure hope he'll get his act together and calm down just a bit so that he and his BFF Jimmy can stay together forever!

Then we got more great news the very next day—Dwayne was adopted, too! (Love that guy.) He's such a good boy. We hope he's happy in his new home.

A few weeks back, Peggy got adopted (which slightly disappointed Joe, because he was always tempted to bring her home with us), but we hear she got a really great home next door to one of the Humane Society's foster parents, which should provide some playmates and extra help for Miss Peggy. We hope she's doing well.

Many more dogs and cats have been adopted in recent weeks. We can barely keep up! But that's a good problem to have. We're so happy everyone's finding great homes. Now we're just holding out hope for a few more long-term residents to find their forever homes.

To all those placed, we hope to see you around sometime. Good luck out there.
Good luck out there! — Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wes Anderson
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