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Mini Session Terms

Last Updated: 06.11.2024


Client agrees to Photographer the non-refundable mini session fee at time of booking, which reserves the Client’s selected time slot and includes:

  • one 20-minute mini photo session with Photographer,
  • one dog (one extra dog may be included for an additional $25 fee),
  • professional retouching of images, as determined by Photographer,
  • three (3) high resolution digital images delivered in an online gallery for Client download and usage and with print release (delivered via email, usually within 1-2 weeks, and no later than 3 weeks, of the mini session event),
  • Option to purchase additional images, at Client’s cost, and
  • Virtual store where Client may purchase prints and photo products, at Client’s cost and option.

Photographer will have the best photos from the session edited and presented to Client. It is the sole decision of Photographer which photos to professionally edit from the session.


All payments are due in full unless payment arrangements have been made. Orders will not be processed until full payment is received. If Client has arranged a payment plan, order will be placed after final payment has been received.


Session starts at the scheduled and agreed upon time. It is strongly encouraged that Client arrives and checks in with the Photographer 5-10 minutes BEFORE the start of Client’s session and is ready to begin at the scheduled session time. Sessions will not be extended due to late arrival on the part of the Client. If Client arrives late to the session, the amount of time the Client is late will be deducted from Client’s session time.

Please do not bring any pets or children not being photographed to the session.

Please make sure any pets or humans being photographed have their fur or hair combed, as well as faces cleaned and free of runny noses or eyes. Please ensure any humans being photographed avoid eating or drinking red, orange, blue, green, or otherwise heavily-dyed foods or drinks before session, as these tend to stain faces, mouths, and teeth.

Mini sessions follow Photographer’s “One Look” rule, whereby Client, pet(s), and any humans being photographed get one look (no outfit changes).

All pets must remain on a leash at all times, unless and until the Photographer says otherwise.

All pets must be up-to-date on all vaccinations.

Client, pet(s), and any humans in attendance of the session must adhere to any location rules (for example, park rules and regulations). Failure to comply with said rules will result in cancellation of Client’s session, without refund, reschedule, or re-shoot.


Client agrees to positive and timely cooperation and communication in order to help produce the best possible results with regard to the session.


Due to their nature and limited availability, mini sessions are non-refundable. If for any reason you're unable to make your pet's mini session (and with 24-hour minimum notice), you may EITHER (a) transfer the paid session fee to a future mini session event, (b) apply the paid session fee toward a full photography session, OR (c) apply the paid session fee toward a Bougie Pet Pawtography gift card to give to a friend or family member. Should you EITHER (a) fail to provide a 24-hour minimum notice, (b) cancel your session, (c) not show for your session, OR (d) show up late to your session, then your session fee will be forfeited. Please note that scheduled session times are firm.


Photographer reserves the right to reschedule the mini session event due to illness, weather, equipment malfunction, safety-related issue, or other circumstances beyond the Photographer’s control. Photographer will try to notify Client at least 24 hours in advance if session is to be rescheduled due to bad weather. There are no session refunds if Client cannot make the rescheduled session date; however, in that case, Client may EITHER (a) transfer the paid session fee to a future mini session event, (b) apply the paid session fee toward a full photography session, OR (c) apply the paid session fee toward a Bougie Pet Pawtography gift card to give to a friend or family member.


Photographer has the right to move session event to backup location, in the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, and will try to communicate backup location details as soon as available and possible. Backup locations are generally located as close as possible to the original location.


Re-shoots are determined at the discretion of the Photographer. Re-shoots will not be given for poor choices of clothing, make-up-related issues, hair-related issues, weather-related issues, pet behavior, human behavior, or by not following the recommendations of the Photographer. If the photo session must be re-shot due to a Client-/pet-related issue and where Photographer has traveled to reach the destination, additional travel fees may apply. Re-shoots will be arranged at Photographer’s discretion with regard to location, props, sets, etc., as the original mini session conditions may not be recreated without added expense, unless Client will assume said expense, to be paid in full prior to re-shoot.


Upon receipt of access to the online photo gallery, Client accepts all responsibility for downloading, archiving, and protecting digital photos/files. Photographer does not permanently archive image files on behalf of the Client. Any images printed by Client over the provided size may lose image quality. Digital images provided in private online gallery will be in JPG format.


Photographer may, at Photographer’s discretion and option, use and/or reproduce images for the Client and/or for the Photographer’s own portfolio, as samples, for marketing/self-promotion, and/or for professional competition or review purposes. Client hereby releases and discharges Photographer from any and all claims and demands ensuing from, or in connection with, the use of the images.


Photographer is not responsible for any injuries inflicted upon any participating parties. Client is responsible for Client’s self, as well as Client’s own pet(s), child/children, and/or business(es), and releases Photographer from any claims against Client’s person, pet(s), child/children, and/or business(es).

While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding photographs of the shoot, the Photographer’s entire liability to the Client for any claim or loss arising from the Photographer’s performance is limited to a refund to the Client of the amount paid for services.
Because shoots are uncontrolled events, Photographer cannot guarantee delivery of any specifically requested image(s). Photographer cannot be held responsible for missed shots or if insufficient time is allocated for photography due to Client.

Photographer will not be responsible for photographs not taken or sessions not completed as a result of Client's failure to provide reasonable assistance, cooperation, and communication regarding the session, including but not limited to completion of the mini session questionnaire.
Care will be taken by Photographer to ensure safe-keeping of digital files taken at the event, but in an event outside of Photographer’s control, Photographer’s entire liability is limited to a full refund of the paid session fee.

Photographer is not responsible for quality of, delivery of, or damage caused during delivery of any prints or photo products ordered from virtual store by Client, as that purchase is separate from this agreement and is between the virtual store and the Client.


Standard light retouching is included in the session fee and includes things like light blemish removal. Complex retouching includes things like removal of scars or heavy blemishes. Tonal conversions include converting color images to black-and-white. Complex retouching and conversions may result in an additional fee.


It is understood that Photographer owns and retains copyright to all of the digital images. Upon receipt of full and final payment and delivery of final images, Client is granted license to use the digital images for Client’s own non-commercial purposes, such as printing, electronic messaging, exchanging with friends and relatives, and/or display on the Internet; however, the images may not be edited or altered in any way.


No cameras/camcorders or any other recording devices are allowed during the session unless prior written arrangement and consent has been made between Client and Photographer.


Client agrees to undertake best efforts to ensure Photographer and Photographer’s staff are treated with respect and dignity and that Photographer is provided with a safe working environment. Should an issue arise regarding safety or harassment during the session, Photographer will make reasonable efforts to handle the matter safely and professionally. If the situation is not remedied in a reasonable amount of time, Photographer reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the event or session. Safe working environment issues include, but are not limited to, any instances of sexual harassment, violence, threats, or other similar behavior that would lead a reasonable person to feel unsafe. In the event such cancellation is caused by the Client, Client will not be entitled to any refund, reschedule, or re-shoot. In the event such cancellation is caused by a third party, Photographer will make every effort to reschedule or re-shoot the event or session (see PHOTOGRAPHER RESCHEDULING POLICY and RE-SHOOT POLICY).


This agreement contains the entire understanding between Photographer and Client. It supersedes all prior agreements between the parties. The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing, with that agreement signed by both parties. If the parties want to waive one provision of this agreement, it does not mean that any other provision is also waived.

This constitutes an order for one mini photography session with Photographer.

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