More about the contest & HSH
"The Humane Society of Hobart (HSH) has been serving our community for 65 years. We are proud to continue our mission to build and strengthen pet families. Most of our annual budget of $500,000 is raised by generous donations from our community. Our fundraising and development plan consist of various fundraising activities such as grant and foundation submissions, special events, online, social media, and direct appeal campaigns, and donor development initiatives. Currently HSH is building our fundraising committee to support our lifesaving work and we would be honored to have you join us."

Source: HSH website

The Bougie take on HSH

We take shelter pet photos at HSH about once every week or so, and here's what we've learned in our time there ...

  • The workers, volunteers, office staff, and board members LOVE animals!
    Spending so much time there has let us see just how much they give to make sure the animals of the shelter are loved and well-cared for during their stay. Although a lot of furry (and sometimes scaly) friends make their way through HSH, they're all given names and become known to everyone working there.
  • Their work (and love) matters and makes a difference.
    We've seen animals transform from 100% terrified to happy-go-lucky, from emaciated and hairless (like poor little Rescue) to pudgy couch potatoes (like our guy, Gus, who we adopted from HSH!). So many of the animals get a better chance at life, all because of the hardworking and caring team at HSH!
  • They operate on a shoestring (Like No dollars).
    We're fairly sure it's pure love of animals (and, even more, concern for their welfare) that keeps everyone at HSH going. It's probably not the money, the working conditions, or some of the four-legged customers that arrive there (some of the dogs and cats are, mmm, challenging?—we'd guess the workers might have better suggestions for word choice here). We know that operating on a shoestring contributes the lion's share of downsides to working at the shelter.
So we thought ...
Let's raise some moolah for the Humane Society of Hobart!
how, you ask?
We're going to the dogs!
By way of a calendar contest ...
But they'll need your help because ...
So ... got a dog?
Interested in helping
him or her enter the contest?
Great! Let's head back to the contest home page and get into the details about rules, prizes, and how to enter!
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